Weekly Slides

The Ask4Nations Prayer Calendar is designed to help Churches, small groups and individuals pray for every nation of the World in 4 years. It does not matter when you start, as long as you pray consistently for the country of the week, you will end up praying for every nation in the world within 4 years.

To help you facilitate prayer, Ask4Nations provides weekly prayer slides and bulletin inserts. These slides can be used in corporate worship services, Sunday school classes, youth groups, children’s church or small groups.
We recommend taking four minutes to pray for the nation of the week: one minute presenting the information on the slide and 3 minutes of focused intercession for the nation and the prayer point.
Incorporating a prayer window for the nations into a weekly worship service can enrich the experience for everyone involved. Research shows that praying for the nations is the most effective way to mobilize believers to become missionaries to those nations. It is our hope that as the Church prays for the nations, many will be called to go to the nations.
Some Churches begin their service with a prayer window. Others incorporate it into the worship time. Still others include it during prayer request time. We encourage you to use the resources in whatever way best serves your congregation’s needs. Some Churches encourage their small groups to incorporate prayer for the nation of the week when they meet. Christian schools and colleges can open classes or chapels with prayer for the country of the day.